What Does It Cost?
The price of jersey customization is $119.99 for adults and $89.99 for youth.

How Long Does It Take?
Jersey customization typically takes three to four weeks. This does not include the time it takes for the item to ship to you.

Design Guidelines

  • Text will be cut and sewn exactly as you enter it.
  • Graphic size may be adjusted to accommodate the space needed to fit.
  • Text will be centered and will be sized as stated.
  • All embroidery is sewn as flat and not raised or puffed.


  • We reserve the right to decline an order containing vulgar, profane, or inappropriate material.
  • We cannot produce anything that is trademarked or under copyright.
  • We will not produce items that include names, products, images, text/slogans, or designs without written permission from the owner.
  • Due to licensing and copyright laws, we reserve the right to limit certain requests. 
  • We are not authorized to use any mascot logo in connection with any college or university or any professional sports team. Therefore, we will not produce orders that contain any such logo in connection with a team name, slogan, and/or colors, or otherwise uses a mascot graphic in a team context. These orders may only be produced with the express written consent of the respective institution and/or its authorized representative.


Items that have received personalization services require prior authorization in order to be returned. Please contact our Customer Care Department at 303-Outlaws. These items may only be returned if they differ in style, color, or size than originally ordered, or if the personalization is incorrect due to our error.